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Schuhregal Akira für 8 Paar Schuhe Rebrilliant


Rebrilliant Das Schuhregal aus Bambus und weißen Holz besticht durch sein minimalistisches und elegantes Design. Es ist praktisch zu Hause, im Büro oder anderen gemeinschaftlichen Räumen, wo Stauraum für Schuhe benötigt wird.

Soft Goods Upholstered Furniture

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For any hotel or resort owner, furnishing and decorating rooms is a very important task. Owners want to be assured they are receiving the best quality furniture at the best price. It is also important that they purchase all the necessary furnishings to guarantee a pleasant stay for their guests.

Soft goods upholstered furniture comes in many different styles. Depending on the atmosphere of the individual hotel or resort, the type of furniture chosen can greatly vary. Owners can choose from traditional upholstered furniture in traditional floral fabric patterns. A more modern or tropical type resort may go for rattan style furniture with contemporary fabrics.

To properly furnish a resort or hotel room, there are several essential pieces. There are of course the beds, but it is important to also furnish rooms with an upholstered sleeper sofa to accommodate extra guests. Rooms also need to be furnished with coordinating upholstered chairs and tables. These can all be ordered together, and in bulk, to ensure receiving a matching set from the same dye block.

Another great piece to include in a resort or hotel room is an upholstered lounge chair. These take up more space, so they are ideal for large condos or larger rooms, such as the lobby or lounge.

Purchasing quality commercial upholstered furniture is a excellent way to assure guests enjoy their stay at any resort or hotel.

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