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Rev-A-Shelf CLSZ-M5-96-1 Chrome CLSZ Series 5 Shelf Men’s Shoe-Zen with Shaft

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Rev-A-Shelf CLSZ-M5-96-1 Chrome CLSZ Series 5 Shelf Men’s Shoe-Zen with Shaft

Spice Up Your Living Space With Flowers

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Do-it-yourself home improvement is all the rage these days. Just flip on the television and you’re sure to run across a program to teach you everything from how to paint a room to how to replace your shower stall. But, let’s face it, even if you make those home improvements yourself, they can be quite costly. I’ve got a great solution that’s far less expensive than a complete home makeover—flowers!

When you think about homes you’ve been in that you found truly appealing and welcoming, you probably noticed small touches that you recognized as perfectly fitting the style and personality of the person who lived there. Those small touches made that space, no matter how big or small, belong to its occupants. Flowers can do the same for you.

Depending on their color, type, and arrangement, flowers can express anything and any style. Which of these fits you or the mood you’d like your home to convey?

Soft and natural: Loose arrangements in bowls or vases consisting of flowers of just one color or of many colors will achieve a very natural feel. Calm: Scientific studies have proven that the color blue produces a calming effect. Blues that mimic the colors of the sea and sky best achieve this feeling. Sensational and spirited: Choose bright colors like orange, red, and vibrant yellow. Outdoorsy: Combine flowers with seasonal grasses, leaves, or branches in a basket or clay pot.

Your florist can help you to accomplish any look or mood you desire. Even if your goal is just to fill up one of those large, empty, awkward spaces in your home, your florist can help you pick the perfect tall or full blooming shrub or arrangement of branches.

There’s no need for you to put an enormous amount of thought into exactly what you want in your floral arrangement, just what you want from it. If you have a specific goal in mind and can describe that goal to your florist, he or she can create exactly what you need. There’s no need to provide details about which flowers you want or even exact colors. Instead, talk to your florist about your favorite colors and color themes in your home. Ask to see pictures of floral arrangements and discuss which ones match your style. Your florist can keep your likes and dislikes on file. Then, you can arrange to have flowers delivered at regular intervals so that your home always has your personal touch.

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